The Pride PAC is dedicated to fighting for full equality in America.

The PRIDE PAC is the first LGBT super political action committee. We are dedicated to using the powers of social media to rally the entire LGBT community and its allies to achieve full equality in AMERICA.


 - PRIDE PAC creates powerful PSA's to spread viral messaging across America educating LGBT voters on issues that affect them most.


 - PRIDE PAC works with political figures, media and internet influencers to help progress public opinion on matters of full equality


 - PRIDE PAC meets with local, state and federal politicians to voice the concerns of the LGBT community and help influence their policy decisions toward full equality


 - PRIDE PAC works with conservative groups to educate them on the importance of progressing Full Equality and Pro-LGBT legislation


 - PRIDE PAC works with local politicians and aids in the progression of LGBT and progressive candidates


 - PRIDE PAC will fight government corruption and rally the entire LGBT community and alies to band together to protest anti-LGBT legislation.



The PRIDE PAC, founded in 2012 originally was an LGBT Political Action Committee dedicated to using social media advocacy to aid in the re-election of President Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election.


Today, Super PACs are used to satisfy corporate and special interests by using donations to lobby congress and run slanderous political campaign media against opposing Presidential Candidates. We decided to combat this blatant misuse of our election system by using social media to spread awareness and advocacy of the LGBT agenda and the re-election of President Barack Obama on November 8th, 2012. We succeeded in that mission. 




• Used platforms like Facebook and Twitter to harvest a captivated audience of millions of LGBT individuals and supporters across the US

• Used the power of viral social distribution to spread high quality content, PSA’s and live events online to inspire our community to vote for the most progressive issues with confidence. 

• Created unity within the LGBT community to progresss the drive toward equality and success, creating a force stronger than ever before. 


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