We are and always have been equal

(LOS ANGELES): Today marked an incredibly huge leap for Gay rights. Since entering into the political arena with Pride PAC last year, I quickly realized what issue occupied most of the LGBT political focus: Marriage Equality. It seems like we have been fighting as hard as the African Americans fought in the 60's for equal rights and equal protections under the law of the land, and today we got a first glimpse of what that looks like. But in my opinion, we've always been equal. We didn't need a bench of boomers to affirm this belief...we needed them to affirm our rights.

Today, provisions that prohibited government recognition of legally married same-sex couples in the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law by President Clinton were struck down 5-4 with Justice Roberts leading the ruling. Not only will over 1,100 rights will be granted to gay couples, but strong immigration rights will also be included, rights that were thrown out of the bi-partisan immigration bill set to hit congress on Friday.

Proposition 8 on the other hand was sent back to the Supreme court of California, deferring to the lower court's ruling on the unconstitutionality of the voter-backed initiative. The justices deemed that a ruling from their court was unnecessary considering there wasn't adequate standing from those in support of the initiative. The lower courts deemed the initiative unconstitutional, so not only will marriages be legal again in California, but those marriages will be recognized by the US government as equal to all others. Victory.

But like my title, we've always been equal. As you see, our perseverance only convinced others to believe in what we already knew. This I believe is the true power of pride and success. If you believe in yourself, against all odds, against all obstacles, you will soon convince others to follow your beliefs and ultimately prevail. Today, we convinced the most powerful group of humans in the land that we are and always have been, equal. Congratulations humanity, you've finally done something right.


Marcus Lovingood

Founder, Pride PAC


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