BREAKING: Hawaii Passes Same Sex Marriage

Now, being the 16th state in the US to approve same-sex Marriage, Hawaii has jumped into the ring. If you've had the chance to watch the coverage, you would have notice a strong sense of contriversy around this decision. I have a strong understanding of Hawaiian culture, considering my entire mother's family is from Waianae, Oahu. I spent every summer from age 5 to 17 on the beach a cross the street from my grandmother's house and I can honestly say I have never been more proud of the state where the palm trees sway.

Ohana, which means Family in Hawaiian is rooted deep in the cilture of not only native, but migrated cultures from neighboring polynesian islands as well. The protests that surrouinded this decision, I believe, are rooted deep within the family culures that have been around for decades. The role of the man and woman in the household dates back to ancient times, preventing many minds from progressing farther than their family doorstep. But this breakthrough is astounding and will set forth a newfound glory to the many oppressed same-sex couples that call hawaii home. I also believe it wil begin to progress the minds of the old culural dinos that still inhabit the local neighborhoods and cities, for I truly believe the millanial generation has already progressed greatly.

Did you experience strong culural famiuly values growing up? Is same-sex marriage legal in your state and if not, how far off do you think we are from full equality?

Congratulations Hawaii, my home away from home...onward!

Marcus Lovingood


Founder, PridePAC

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