(LOS ANGELES) Vladimir Putin is committing LGBT genocide. Since the first onslaught of press around anti-LGBT legislation that made its way throughout various parties in Russia, to the news of an actual law against "Gay Propaganda" signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the safety of LGBT people in Russia has been seriously and explicitly compromised. Let’s make some STRIKINGLY similar examples of Vladimir Putin’s treatment of LGBT Russians over the past few years and Adolf Hitler’s rise before the Jewish Holocaust:

  • Jews were a very small portion of the German population at the beginning of Hitler’s rise to power. This is a very similar situation in Russia, LGBT individuals make up <1% of the German population, yet they are blamed for the moral decay of the entire population.

  • Adolph Hitler’s prominence only came into the national spotlight during the 1936 Olympic Games in Germany, becoming the first television broadcast in History. While we are in the wake of the Sochi Olympic Games, it is all too familiar the events leading up to the games.

  • As John Arvosis writes, IOC chair Baillet-Latour prohibited Hitler to broadcast Anti-Jewish propaganda during the 1936 Olympics, but still let them happen in Germany despite his disagreement with Hitler’s political campaign. This is VERY similar to today’s IOC tolerance of Putin’s “Gay Propaganda” Laws during the Sochi Olympics, clearly demonstrating tolerating sheer intolerance.

  • A good majority of Germans supported Hitler’s goals; Russians overwhelmingly support Putin’s legislation. Homophobia is some of the highest in the entire world in Russia and arrests for demonstrating “Gay Propaganda” is on the rise.

Genocide: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group

It is the opinion of the Pride PAC that Vladimir Putin is committing LGBT Genocide and we as a PAC are calling upon an LGBT Russian Boycott until further notice.

The similarities between Vladimir Putin and Adolph Hitler are far to strong, and waiting is NOT and option. It is the job of the Pride PAC to spread awareness to all of our LGBT people and allies. It is not safe to travel to Russia and its ruler is oppressing his people. Soon, we will begin to see the rise in LGBT imprisonment and eventual internment of our Russian Gay brothers and sisters. It is up to us to make a difference. By spreading the word of what is happening, we can wake up the United Nations and stress change in Russia. How do you feel we can help our LGBT Brothers and sisters in Russia?

Sign our petition here: https://actionsprout.io/DDCB6B

By: Marcus Lovingood

Founder, Pride PAC



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