5 Ways Nelson Mandela progressed the LGBT world community

I was sitting in my office, dilligently working to get a proposal out by the 5pm deadline when my chief of staff walks into my office with an expression and phrase I'll never forget. "Nelson Mandela passed". I never thought about the moment when I'd hear those words. What emotions would run over me. Nelson Mandela was a light of hope for so many humans. He struggled so we didn't have to and devoted his life to humanity. In honor of Nelson Mandela's passing, here are ways Mandela not only touched the world, but was one of the first staunch suporters of the LGBT community:

1. Five ways Nelson Mandela progressed the LGBT world community

2. Nelson Mandela’s constitution that was promulgated in 1996 was the world’s first to contain explicit protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

3. Mandela believed that Equality includes the full and equal enjoyment of all rights and freedoms.

4. Mandela appointed Edward Cameron, a gay judge to South Africa’s highest Court of Appeal.

5. As a direct result of Mandela never having to evolve on same-sex marriage, in 2006 South Africa became the fifth country in the world (1st in Africa) to recognize marriage equality.

Mandela’s struggle to combat apartheid is a beacon of hope for our fight for Equality.

In the comments, please write ways Nelson Mandela has touched your life.

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