Let's Boycott the F*ck out of Homophobic Capitalism

(Los Angeles) Since the Pride PAC's inception in 2012, we have made large strides to get where we are today. We helped re-elect the most pro-LGBT President in history and have made forward leaps toward Marriage Equality. These leaps transgress any generation that has passed and have only laid the foundation for what's to come.

I can sit here and talk about the wonderful things that are happening in the gay community, or I can talk about the pain. Today I choose to talk about the pain. We are suffering. In the midst of all the glamour of our stumbled acceptance into American pop culture we are still stifled by the geriatric catastrophe of a congress that will not set us free. In 29 states, you can be fired for being gay. 33 States STILL do not recognize same sex marriage. We are in 2014 and we are still drowning, with ropes tied to bibles dragging us to the deep. The strides are top toes and I am tired of sitting and waiting for things to get better.

During the Obama campaign, we were able to build our Pride PAC fanbase to well over 20,000 people that reached over 5.4 Million LGBT Americans and allies. We aided in successfully re-electing President Obama and laid the foundation for what's to come. We have a very rare opportunity to use the powers of social media to unite, divide and conquer as an LGBT & allied body, on a mission to boycott the fuck out of American Capitalism.

Let me give you a little taste of how we can simply do this through the $5/month Pride PAC membership with the base that we currently have:

If only 5% (1250) out of the 25,000 Pride PAC Fans that we have on Facebook join our PAC per month and they add 5 of their friends (Rules of Membership), by August we will have roughly 20,000 members of the Pride PAC, equaling $100,000/month in Membership dues, enough to fuel our low-overhead, viral powerhouse army. A large part of our operating costs will go directly to growing our online fanbase to 1M from the over 10M LGBT individuals on Facebook.

On a legislative level, our power will be impactful and vast. We will soon grow a membership base that will have extreme financial muscle power (supported by the people it affects) to invest in lobbying moderate Republicans to change their vote on Pro-LGBT legislation on Capital Hill such as ENDA, DOMA and many others. We will also have a united body to silently boycott any corporation, issue and anti-LGBT homophobic capitalist that stands in our way. We will produce and support strong viral media campaigns to help Pro-LGBT candidates get elected to local, state and federal office and help local and national LGBT companies to thrive and succeed. We have 6 months until the midterm elections and 2.5 Years until the General. The time is now to build our coalition and ACTUALLY get work done. The team that is being assembled to aid us are from the civil rights, tech, Hollywood, green energy, entrepreneurial, allied and political world and are just like us. Fighters. Education is going to be our greatest weapon.

Millennials have a very skewed view of Rosa Parks and why she should be looked at as the baddest bitch of her day. 100% of every educated millennial I know cannot tell you what happened after Rosa was so rudely removed from a Montgomery, Alabama public bus for refusing to move to the back of the bus when asked. The section she was in was for whites only, not for blacks. She refused, so she was publicly humiliated and dragged off the bus and into a jail cell. Then all of a sudden MLK had a march, there was a dream speech, he was shot and the blacks were magically equal (except for the over 2 Million African Americans who are currently incarcerated felons without the right to vote). If we can't legally make them unequal, let's just lock um up...truly the slavery of 2014. That is what most of the young people my age know of what Rosa Parks did, but what they don't understand is how she caused one of the largest and most impactful silent boycotts in history. Mostly every African American worker got up 2-3 hours early to walk to work to avoid the city bus system in solidarity with Rosa's stand. This caused the entire city economy to almost reach bankruptcy, causing the deep-pocketed slave lords to bow down to the united front and say "what is it that you want?". Rosa Parks was thrown off a bus for being black...and without the raise of a gun she had the mayor by the balls. She boycotted the fuck out of those in power and prevailed. Today African Americans can sit tall. But not us gays. Our story can be the same. We can triumph over those who are surprising us through calculated silent boycott. I'm tired of it and so should you.

I'm tired of the damn Tea Party, and they are the BEST example. The idiots banded together influential people, money and started pouring Super PAC money into crooked politicians and soccer mom VPs winning them powerful seats across the country and on Capital Hill. If they can do it with a small handful of crotchety billionaires, why can't we with 1M strong?

100 Billionaires = 100 Votes

1,000,000 LGBT Allies = 1,000,000 Votes. It’s the votes that count.

Let’s boycott the fuck out of the retailers that support anti-LGBT legislation by investing our united body elsewhere. Let’s stand together and only buy electric and support green and sustainable energy. We can do this and if we do not we will LOSE. No one is going to help us but us. Malcolm X said “If you’re not willing to die for it, take the word “freedom” out of your vocabulary”.

If 1M+ Americans went to a big bank and withdrew their entire savings and deposited their funds at one trusted bank, the first bank would topple. Power in numbers actually drives change. Before the Pride PAC existed, it cost millions to get the word out, now it costs thousands to reach our base and band together and use that power to progress our equality and freedom. The occupy movement had no organized, central body. Their inspiring independence was ultimately their downfall, for brutal police and military force overcame their efforts to mimicked the 1970’s Vietnam War means of protest. Us gays, we’re smarter than that. We have smart phones, we have buying power and are well educated. Let’s fuck with the bastards with the money and then we’ll get our way. By taking our business elsewhere in droves. Watch them fall and watch America prevail.

As the Founder of the Pride PAC, it is my duty to serve our community. We all love our community, it’s all we have. Being a member of the Pride PAC means you’re part of a group of Americans who have HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT. And want to put their money where their mouth is and progress real change. We deserve it to our fellow Americans and if we don’t do it no one will.

Last week we launched the Five to Fight Campaign. We have hand signals and everything. I encourage you to join our fight, we promise that we will stick to our guns, create important PSA's to spread across the American landscape to educate our community to unite and fight. We intend to throw PAC events and membership drives to celebrate who are and what we are fighting for. We intend to support local LGBT businesses and allied businesses and provide programs for those underrepresented to have a voice that actually has the power to change things. Let's show America who we are, that we are powerful. That we deserve to be equal citizens and that if we do not get our way, we will fight and we will take what is ours whether you like it or not. Over the next few years leading up to the most important elections of our time, I will be documenting our journey and will bask in the day when all of us are no longer referred to as the LGBT community, but just Americans.

Join us, for the price of two cups of coffee a month, you will be one of the first to join in our fight for full equality. What have we got to lose? Let’s boycott the fuck out of homophobic capitalism together.

Truly yours,

Marcus Lovingood

Founder, Pride PAC



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