Pride PAC Endorses Sandra Fluke for State Senate

(LOS ANGELES): In the race for the 26th California State Senate District seat originally occupied by Congressional candidate Ted Lieu is a heated race that requires a strong LGBT advocate and fighter. The district, which now covers most of Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills is a center for progressive politics and the epicenter of the LGBT community in Los Angeles. It is essential that we elect politicians who can adequately represent our community and stand up against right-wing extremism and bigotry.

Sandra Fluke is no stranger to standing up for her rights and the rights of the underrepresented. Her statements and testimony on contraceptive mandates in 2012 earned her national attention when conservative pundit and talk show host Rush Limbaugh outwardly called her a “slut” and “prostitute” on national public radio. This caused a national outcry against the pundit, eventually causing irreversible severe economic consequences to his show. This didn’t stop Sandra, giving her the spotlight and national attention needed to shine a crucial light on the many struggles Fluke has rallied for in the name of women’s rights. This, in our opinion, is an essential example for all of us on how to regain control and power while retaining a disciplined path toward civil rights. Fluke stood up against the powerful right and persevered.

Sandra’s comments and concern for the Trans community is a major reason we stand with Sandra. In the video above, Sandra explicitly lays out her plans to increasing funding for Trans programs, including access to healthcare that supports a healthy transition and education programs geared towards educating the public. Also, Sandra wants to work with trusted community partners to address the immediate needs of the Trans community and increase funding for programs that help educate the public about our struggling LGBT community and beyond. We find that few politicians running for office focus on the Trans community and we feel Sandra has got it right.

You can find out more about Sandra Fluke at her official campaign website and make sure you get out to vote Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 3rd, 2104. Please watch our video above and spread the word.

You can DONATE to Sandra’s Campaign HERE.

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