The Netflix for Lesbians, Section ii - is breaking the rules with Pride PAC

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(LOS ANGELES) In today's entertainment climate, we are inundated by images of the LGBT community that are stereotypical, mythical-like depictions of our community to satisfy the comfortable lives of the judging public. Don't get me wrong, we have come a long way in depicting the LGBT community as "normal" Americans and have made leaps and bounds in the fight to show America that gay relationships are no different than straight relationships. But when we look closer at how our community, the LGBT community is displaying ourselves to the rest of the world, there is little to show in a sea of heterosexual entertainment. The African American community took a stand on cable television and created BET, and yet the LGBT cable network, LOGO promotes the over-the-top lifestyle choices of a very small group of our community (ie. RuPaul's Drag Race). So where can we go to enjoy LGBT-focussed entertainment without the stereotypical story lines that the advertisers demand? One online network is helping by giving us just that, Section ii.

This quarter, the Pride PAC is pairing up with Section ii, the first lesbian-focussed online content network to deliver pro-Lesbian entertainment and progress the distribution of high-quality films across the world. The Pride PAC is looking forward to working with Section ii in bringing impactful content to the world through their distribution platform and we truly believe networks like this are the future of LGBT-focussed entertainment and activism.

Today is the final day in Section ii's crowd funding campaign on Seed & Spark to finance their first slate of entertainment and have created a very special FIGHTER MEMBERSHIP section as one of the rewards on their campaign. Please take a moment to head over to the campaign, donate, join and see what Section ii is all about.

Check it out HERE

Also, take a look at Founder Allie Esslinger's video explaining it all:

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