Duke Mason talks childhood and his West Hollywood run

Written By: Marcus Lovingood, Founder - Pride PAC


It was a cooler winter day in West Hollywood as I prepared for my on-camera interview with James Duke Mason. If the name doesn't ring a bell, he is the young actor turned bourgeoning politician that is seeking a seat on the West Hollywood City Council. After discussing his endorsement with my second officer at the Pride PAC, Michael Bracco, we knew that he was our choice to represent the LGBT community in the West Hollywood city government.

Duke mason comes from a very rich Hollywood history. From the film lineage of his father and grandfather, to the exciting career of his mother, Duke's heart is here in West Hollywood and his family legacy is bright within his eyes. But what drew me to consider Duke for an endorsement was not the Hollywood glitz and glamour. Not the background and not the family history...but because he was his own person. His love for the issues that affect the community he loves so dearly completely overshadow the typical story that will follow him his entire life.


Having the opportunity to discuss the future of the city and his ideas on bringing change to the economic hardships the citizens of West Hollywood face daily was inspiring. In a well-fitted sky-blue polo shirt, he was poised, gentle and eloquent. At a mere 22 years old, he spoke as if he had years of experience in local government. Sitting in his family dining room, I could feel the trust and the desire that so many describe when they speak privately with Duke.

The first time we met was at a Dot429 conference in New York City. I was speaking on an anti-bullying panel and Duke was covering the event as a media spokesperson. From that day forward, I knew that this guy was destined for greatness, and now he is running for local office.


Up against special interest money and deep-rooted political tyranny, Duke Mason is running a smooth, collective and precise campaign of issue-based politics that cater to today's ever growing populist movement. As Elizabeth Warren gains strength in the coming months, we believe candidates like Duke Mason will lead the charge in giving real people a seat at the table.

My interview was swift and clean. Duke personified an early John F. Kennedy beginning his path toward leadership and it is our duty as a community to support those who will fight for us in office. My time with Duke and his team may have been brief, but the impact and his love for the citizens of West Hollywood was just as genuine as his soft demeanor, yet as powerful as an activist fighting to bring about progress to the under represented.

Please watch our interview with Duke Mason below and find out more about Duke Mason's campaign HERE:

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