This is our #1 question for Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton


(LOS ANGELES) Today, on a bright and sunny day in April, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her candidacy for President of the United States. It was almost yesterday when the Pride PAC was considering endorsing Hillary during the 2008 primaries in her race for the White House against then-junior Senator Barack Obama. We knew this wasn't going to be the last time Hillary Clinton will race back to the White House, but we can't help but ponder one top question for Hillary as we enter into the rodeo of the next year and a half leading to Election Day 2016:

"Will you rise above your track record and ACTUALLY make a change?"

As we consider candidates for our official Presidential Endorsement, we truly believe Hillary Clinton will not only rise above her track record, but be the driving force we need toward full equality. So will she actually make change? The change we sought so ferociously from President Obama? Only time till tell, but we believe it is time to show your support for Hillary as we move closer to 2016. Watch her campaign video below and JOIN the Pride PAC to help support Hillary Clinton's run for President of the United States. $5 goes a long way:

What are your thoughts? Will Hillary Clinton fulfill our question?

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