The Meaning of Pride

OPINION (NEW YORK) Today while browsing through Facebook, this image appeared on my newsfeed from one of my friends. The two pictures really got me thinking about why everyone today can relate to the bottom picture and blow off the top. Reading the responses on these posts sparked my mind about what has been taught through documentaries and first hand experiences that hit home for our community. By listening to those who fought before us, they struggled deeply and paved the way so we can be free and express ourselves and how we feel openly. But the lines have been blurred. We have crossed over to what was once pride: the fight for equality, dignity and acceptance in a world that didn't want to see the LGBTQ community as equal to letting the "pride" of the struggle be replaced with "pride" of the "party" (one that is half dressed and over the top). We must never forget that like the fight for woman to vote, equal rights for Blacks (and more recently the immigrants fighting for citizenship), we must not let the history that came before us be forgotten and replaced with the "party" atmosphere fully. To those that were unable to share or show their love in public with their partners for over 50+ years, or for those that were not able to get married after 30 or more years who showed us what love is and means...those are the true examples of pride and how the LGBTQ Community is prosperous and equal. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the photo below and what it is implying?

Help us fight for our rights and keep the dignity of what we call pride by joining the Pride PAC today. Click here to find out more.

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