The Results of The Pride PAC Nationwide Presidential Poll Are in: Sanders Leads Clinton By Ten Point

(LOS ANGELES) The results are in on the Pride PAC's first national poll of it's members across the US. This is the first of many polls that will be shared through social media channels and email outreach, to help give an honest oulook at where the LGBT communities and allies stand in the current democratic presidential landscape. Here are the results from the 61 participants polled:

Bernie Sanders - 31 - 51.6%

Hillary Clinton - 26 - 41.6%

Martin O' Malley - 4 - 6.6%

We understand our sample group is quite small at the moment, but Bernie Sanders has a distinct 10 point lead over Hillary Clinton in this early poll. Bernie Sanders has gained nationwide appeal over the past few months as his campaign continues to gain steam. Hillary Clinton, an establishment favorite and friend/ally of the LGBT community is still considered the Democratic Party frontfunner as we enter into the final months of the 3rd quarter of 2015, before the holiday stretch into election season 2016. We will continue to publish results on subsequent polls and inform the LGBT public of how your voice is being heard and its impact on the 2016 Presidential Election.

What are your thoughts on the poll results? Why do you think Bernie Sanders has a lead over favorite Hillary Clinton? Place your responses in the comments for open forum debate below. TAKE OUR NEXT POLL: Who Will Be The GOP Nominee in 2016?

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