Will It Be Jail For Kim Davis?

Over the past few weeks we've been following the story of the Kentucky Clerk, Kim Davis who refuses to issue same-sex couples (or any couples at that) marriage licenses. Davis uses her religous beliefs as an excuse to reject issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing that issuing licesnses against her faith would be a severe burden on her life. She's even gone as far as to deny the rulings of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and even an order from the Supreme Court, causing a federal judge to summon her for a contempt hearing this Thursday at 11AM.

In an interview with MSNBC, Dan Savage outs Kim Davis' hypocracy front and center in his debate, citing that even though Kim Davis has been married four times and devorced 3, her own actions do not play a part in her discrimination practices:

In the video obtained from RawStory and MSNBC, Savage mentions:

“I think Kim Davis is waiting to cash in,” Savage told MSNBC. “I predicted from the beginning that she would defy all the court orders, defy the Supreme Court, she would ultimately be held in contempt of court, lose her job, perhaps go to prison for a short amount of time. And then she will have written for her, ghost written books. She will go on the right-wing lecture circuit and she’ll never have to do an honest day’s work ever again in her life.”

“This is a woman who’s been divorced three times and married four times,” he said, reading from the US News & World Report article that pointed out Davis “gave birth to twins five months after divorcing her first husband, (and) they were fathered by her third husband but adopted by her second husband.”

“She’s now onto her fourth husband,” Savage said. “Jesus Christ himself in scripture condemned divorce, called it adultery and forbids it. Jesus Christ himself in scripture says not one word about same-sex marriage.”

In addition to a number of valid points, the real question we are all asking is what will the consequences be for Kim Davis' actions? If the courts decided to continue to let Kim Davis refuse licenses to same-sex couples, what will prevent other clerks across the country from deciding to do the same thing? There are many outcomes that can play out over the next 48 hours, here are a few scenarios that we believe could easily play out:

1. During her Thursday court hearing, Davis could be charged with being in Contempt of Court and be remanded to detainment until she complies

2. During her Thursday court hearing, Davis could be charged with being in contempt of Court and be remanded to pay exorbitant fines with possible jail time

3. The courts will give Kim Davis a "slap on the hand" and wait until the state legislature re-conveins to vote on her impeachment

4. Before her court hearing, Kim Davis could resign from her position as Rowan County Clerk and marriage licenses will begin.

After polling the Pride PAC this week, a very large amount of members would like Kim Davis hauled off to Prison. Even the couples suing Davis for her misconduct do not want jail time, but it seems like the rest of the nation would like to see her locked up. The fact of the matter is that jail time is less likely in this situation, but we are definitely in for a wild ride on exactly how severe her punishments will be.

What do you think will happen to Kim Davis from the examples given above?

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