Why Kim Davis' Release From Jail Is Not A Bad Thing

(LOS ANGELES) Just moments after 10:00AM PST, I received word from TowleRoad that Kim Davis was ordered by Federal District Judge Bunning to be released from federal custody immediately. This is following a historic series of events over the past few months that is finally coming to a bitter end.

Over the holiday, Kim Davis was enjoying herself in a cold jail cell, while the rest of America was celebrating with friends and family, none other than Labor Day. How fitting to have Davis ostracized from the world on this monumental holiday, celebrating and honoring those who work hard to keep America great through organized and unionized labor. Unlike the failed civil servant, who wasn't able to celebrate with all of us law-abiding Americans, we deserved the right to not do our jobs on the few days a year we're allotted to our private lives. How wonderfully ironic and how painfully sad. Yet, the day after the annual holiday of bbq's and beer...Kim Davis has been released from prison to go back to her job...on the condition that she must behave.

When first hearing this news, I felt a moment of anger, than a swift wave of clarity. Judge Bunning called in 6 of the other clerks in the office to require them to issue licenses to same-sex couples, 5 out of 6 of them complied. Even if Davis decides to stick to her guns, same-sex couples will still be able to get licenses from the 5 other clerks in her office. This is a compromise I am willing to accept...and America should as well.

Another reason why the release of Kim Davis from federal prison is a good thing is this will alleviate the swarm of nationwide press that has been giving unprecedented coverage of this story and let the reporters focus on other things of more importance...like an election or the impending debt ceiling debate. Yep, we're back there again and it's time to shut the government down!

Then again, Davis could reprimand her entire staff to not issue licenses to same-sex couples, taking us back to square numero uno.

Hey, if Liberty Counsel can raise millions for Kim Davis....why can't we raise millions to help fight for gay rights? Find out how here.

Do you think the jail time was enough for Davis?

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