WATCH: Hillary Clinton on SNL, Brian Sims For Congress and Julienne Moore's stunning performance

Tonight on Pride News we put to rest the coverage of the Davis/Pope Francis Saga and we take a look at Hillary Clinton’s attempt at striking a funny chord with voters on SNL and later Out Pennsylvania state legislator Brian Sims makes a bid for Capitol Hill and Julienne Moore makes a stunning speech on LGBT workers rights in an exclusive clip from the upcoming film, “Freeheld” with Ellen Paige, all on tonight’s episode of Pride News.

Hello everyone, my name is Marcus Lovingood, founder of the Pride PAC and welcome to Pride News, your update on the pressing issued in the LGBT community and the race to the White House in 2016.

We’ll start today with a follow up story to put a rest to our coverage of the Kim Davis saga that has swept the nation. It turns out, Pope Francis was indeed tricked into this meeting with Kim Davis, and the only one-on-one meeting that was scheduled by him was the on

On a lighter note, it seems Hillary Clinton is trying to woo voters by appealing to our funnier side and addressing her late blooming on the subject of same-sex marriage head on. Clinton took to the airwaves on Saturday Night Live last weekend, in a parody skit where she impersonated a bartender, serving none other than The Secretary herself.

That’s Hillary Clinton’s softer side, but when we get down to hard politics, Hillary seems to be “Evolving” on more issues. Take a look at an excerpt from and interview this week with PBS News Hour on her newfound opposition to the controversial TPP trade agreement she has supported for the past few years:

Critics of Clinton say this is yet another example of her “flip Flop” politics, considering her recent evolution on Gay Marriage, yet Supporters see this as a stronger stance on progressivism and her ability to respond to public opinion. You be the judge, do you believe Hillary Clinton is being truthful about her opposition to the TPP? Respond in the comments and we’ll feature some of the responses on next week’s episode.

This week Out Pennsylvania legislator Brian Sims announced his bid for the seat of 11-term democratic congressman Chaka Fattah, who’s political life is riddled with controversy after being indicted on charges of alleged misappropriations of government funds. This puts powerhouse legislator Brian Sims at an advantage heading into election season. In an interview given to the Advocate, Sims says

Besides being very easy on the eyes, Sims has accomplished huge legislative hurtles in Pennsylvania including the passing of hate-crime legislation, fighting against conversion therapy bans and championing Planned Parenthood funding against numerous assaults on abortion rights, netting him a pro-choice award just last year. The Advocate refers to Sims as our “great gay hope” in congress. We will continue to cover Brian’s campaign to Washington over this election season and offer our national support.

That’s all for today on pride news, make sure you follow us on twitter @PridePAC and check out for more exciting stories on how you can help us elect a pro-lgbt president in 2016. I’m Marcus Lovingood and tune in next time where we wrap up the weeks pressing news and discuss more issues that affect the LGBT community across America. Goodnight.

Transcript from Season #1, Episode 3 of Pride News with Marcus Lovingood aired Friday, October 9th, 2015

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