What to Expect from Hillary Clinton on Tonight's Democratic Debate

(LOS ANGELES) Tonight is the first Democratic Party debate for the race to the White House in 2016 and the anticipation could not be more apparent. With Bernie Sanders gaining leads in polls across the country, Hillary Clinton is still the outright frontrunner and the candidate with the most probability of winning the ticket. Bernie and Hillary may have some big differences, but we will see exactly how different they are tonight as they are placed beside eachother infront of the nation. Debates are notoriously unpredictable (As you’ve seen in the past two Republican debates) and can change the outlook of the campaign with just one misplaced statement. But the Democrats that will be on stage tonight are some of the most seasoned debaters of our time, and Hillary Clinton is the outright bulldog.

Her style of debate over the years has been confident, poised and assertive. She’s in it to win it in every step of the way and will denounce any false accusations of her record with skill, top sources and a wit that is hard to beat. Let’s not forget, Hillary has battled President Obama and the rest of the democratic power field years on end, and tonight is no exception…tonight she is expected to destroy it.

In the video below, CNN puts together a fantastic video montage of Hillary Clinton’s debate style over the past 30 years and gives us a glimpse into what to expect from the Secretary, the Senator and the First Lady in tonight’s first 2016 Democratic Presidential Debate.

Make sure you tune in tonight on CNN at 8:30e/5:30p to catch the debate.

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