Pride PAC to Donate 100% of Funds Raised at SF Pride Brunch toward Pulse Orlando Tragedy

In an update to our event page this morning, in concurrence with our official statement this week, we have decided that it is not only our duty, but an honor to donate 100% of the proceeds raised at the SF Pride Brunch to the victim’s families and those severely affected by the Pulse Orlando shootings. The SF Pride Brunch will be hosted in San Francisco on Saturday, June 25th from 11AM-2PM. We will also be focusing an effort on meaningful local action on the ground to help support the local LGBT community in Orlando as they recover from this terrible tragedy.

It is a strong belief of the Pride PAC’s from its inception that is is unacceptable for us to stand idle while our LGBT brothers and sisters continue to live in a nation that claims to offer life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and equal protections under the law to all its citizens, yet continues to leave us out of the grand equation. The Orlando shooting is a public safety emergency for the Orlando community and it is up to us to level the playing field and use the power of the pocketbook to make sure those who have fallen do not die in vain. We have the ability, let’s use it for good.

Please join us during San Francisco Pride at the SF Pride Brunch and help us combat terror with love.

Tickets for the SF Pride Brunch can be purchased here:

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