Welcome to Election Season 2016

In this season of Pride News I will be focusing on the key issues that affect the gay community in the lead up to the presidential election on November 8th. This season is going to be different. My show will be dedicated to advocating for the LGBT community and Hillary Clinton through the spread knowledge and education on the facts. I will focus on the topics that impact our community the most and give you an lgbt-focused perspective on how your vote and participation can help shape the future of our movement. I will interview thought leaders, experts and individuals dedicated to educating our community on how powerful we can be if we work as a team. One community, one pulse. So join me, every week as we drive forward into what will be one of the most remembered elections in recent history and you can play a large role in shaping the future of America.

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In case you missed it from last week:

Mike Pence, Republican Vice Presidential Running mate to Donald Trump published an article urging employers not to hire LGBT employees while he was head of the Indiana Policy Review in the 1990’s says an article reported by OUT.com’s Hilton Dresden. The article published reads: "Homosexuals are not as a group able-bodied. They are known to carry extremely high rates of disease brought on because of the nature of their sexual practices and the promiscuity which is a hallmark of their lifestyle." Last year as governor of Indiana, Pence signed the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act," allowing companies to discriminate against LGBT employees and customers based on firmly held religious beliefs. He's proposed cutting funding for HIV treatment and using the money for "gay cure" therapy. This week the HRC awarded Coldon Heynes with the HRC Visibility Award and his emotional speech rocked the social media airwaves. Here’s a clip:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper will be the first out gay man to moderate a major presidential debate in a general election. He will co host with Martha Raddatz in Missouri on October 9th. Fox News’ Chris Wallace will moderate the final debate on October 19th. The first presidential debate will be moderated by Lester Holt on September 26th on NBC News at 9PM Eastern Time. Make sure you tune in. This week, I wanted to showcase an incredible viral video of comedian Daniel Beaty reciting his poem “Knock, Knock”. I feel the poem speaks to the hearts of all of us that are underrepresented and underprivileged in this country, but also lifts us up so we can go higher and stand up to the face of adversity and triumph. Take a watch:

Please consider donating to our One Mill for Hill campaign by clicking this LINK. I hope everyone has a safe week and goodnight.

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