The Inspiring Audacity of the Empowered Millennial

What I find interesting about the rhetoric around the "problems" with millennial ambition is that they disregard the basic principles of evolution when using these statements. They blanket and entire generation with a generality that suggests that we are all living under an "excuse" of our existence and will be forever thwarted by the incoming tide. The reason I beg to differ is because in keeping with the principles of "Survival of the Fittest" and "Natural Selection", which still apply even today...there will be few that triumph.

If you read that last statement and imagined the massive amount of people who will never succeed to their greatest potential, I beg you to shift your focus to the glass half full: The few that will triumph.

We have never produced a generation with such hope, with such insurmountable dreams and such access to information and capital at the touch of a button. What is different about our generation is that we actually achieve the impossible. Continually and fast. We are the generation that literally stares fear in the face and spits in it. Let me give you just a handful of examples:

We launch and we land rockets

We have databased 25% of every human being on earth in under 10 years

First African American President

First Reality TV Star President

Star Trek Tricorder in our pocket

Broke down the monopoly of the music industry and about to with the movie industry...all in under 20 years.

The difference is, our generation gladly did this for free.

The reason we have been able to break through so many barriers in such a small amount of time is because of the ridicules, yet inspiring dreams our parents and grandparents filled our childhood minds with. Without the uninhibited though that we too can someday reach the moon and back and be home by supper not only injected a hidden dose of empathy, excitement and inspiration in us, but to the few that have been naturally selected by evolution to be the winners have finally been awakened with the confidence of giants. Here are some examples:

Meet Elizabeth Jaff. She is the head of business development for CrowdPAC and is running for Vice Chair for the Democratic Party:

Day. ONE. And not only does Jaff challenge the Democratic Party to give her a chance, but she will do what she proposes whether they let her or not. That is the audacity of what this generation is capable of. The best talk-backers on the planet, but this time, we're putting our money where our mouth is and no is "no" a barrier. No matter what you look like or who you love. The winners of today are not just winners but super-winners or winners on steroids. Why I believe this? Because the geniuses of old had to use encyclopedias....we have iPhones. Second Example, local Chicago activist Ja'mal Green's question:

Economics. It comes down to the economics. From a young black man who could have easily been booked 20 minutes ago heading over to the forum. And yet...he rises.

And my final example, the one and only Mother Monster, Lady Gaga...along side the Dalai Lama speaking about how "hate" is smart and has no color or race:

Need I say more? The awareness, the compassion and the empathy that has been awoken from deep within has finally enlightened us, and those with the true, naturally selected power to make real change. So, in my examples above, I show you just a small grain of sand of potential the millennial generation has to offer. I beg the generations that came before us to not lose faith in the evolutionary process and in our generation, but pat yourselves on the back...because all that bullshit you fed growing up might just save the world.

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