The Two CA Congressmen To Call Now That Could Kill the GOP Healthcare Replacement Bill

I'm going to make this blog simple and straight to the point as the New York Times article did, so here are some stats on what the votes look like currently:

The new healthcare bill is a disaster for both sides and there are a number of republican congressmen and women who are either leaning on a "No" vote or undecided...6 of which reside in California and 2 that represent districts here in Los Angeles.

There are already 26 members of congress that are thought to be a "No" vote and if more GOP congressman were to join the "No" vote, the health care bill would die on the floor of the house, saving the fate of Obamacare and the lives of millions for another day. THe bill cannot sustain more than 21 "No" votes.

Members of the House of Representatives will vote on the bill this Thursday, so if you have 5 minutes, call these congressmen right now.

Here are the two Los Angeles congressmen to call that can tip the scales:

Rep. Ed Royce: (202) 225-4111

Rep. Steve Knight (202) 225-1956

Here is a more comprehensive list of Republicans that can tip the scale and end this bill before it even started:

It;s up to us to make our voices heard and if we do so in a way that is effective, then we will win.

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